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Aight, I’m placing my bet. Neo is the cheshire cat.


- Two-colored eyes

- Smiles

- Mirage semblance

- Her umbrella pattern…



Dunno if you heard, but Neo apparently is not based on the Cheshire Cat. Someone else (who we haven’t met), however, is. Gray Haddock said, “It’s interesting that you mention the Cheshire Cat. No, that is not Neo.”

damn, well, it was a good guess tho lol

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Bad things that have happened to Shiena Kenmochi:

  • becomes prime bullying target
  • roomed with the unusually tall serial killer
  • wakes up screaming on at least the first week
  • with broken glasses
  • "why did you bring your glasses into a bath omg u perv"
  • gets framed for kidnapping
  • becomes gay for someone claimed by a tiny yandere
  • is poisoned by the tiny yandere before doing anything important
  • amazing voice but nO S oN G

Good things that have happened to Shiena Kenmochi:

  • ???

One of the good things: the fandom loves her to bits

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